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This little forested island tileset is teaming with mystery and murder! Beneath the lush green trees, skulls crunch underfoot; and giant bones reach out like spectral fingers. What strange people are buried beneath the gravestones? and what's been left in the various boxes and vases? 

This is an island forest tileset made in 16x16:  with 32x32 and 48x48 versions scaled up from the original.  

What this pack includes:

  • 12 large rocks in two color variations.
  • 8 trees.
  • 3 large mushrooms in 2 colors.
  • Various bones, skulls, and bone-spikes.
  • 4 gravestones.
  • 2 chests in four color variations, and two urns.
  • Cliff walls and steps, grass, and sea versions in two color variations.
  • Various flowers, grasses, plants, bushes, and small rocks for clutter.
  • A copy of the limited palette used.

I've included a png sheet with all the graphics in three sizes, and included RPG Maker friendly versions arrayed in the A2,A5,B,C,D format.

Terms of use:

  • Can be used commercially or non commercially.
  • Can be edited.
  • Credit is not required.
  • Cannot be resold as assets.
  • Cannot be used in blockchain activities,


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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