FIRE! and the trouble it's caused...

The last few days have been a struggle! While it's great that in Desktopia your villagers can expand down the road and destroy enemy buildings, it was less great that yours were imperishable.

 We set out to fix that with a 'fire' mechanic which simply allows buildings to catch fire, either through enemy attack or incompetent villagers, and get destroyed. We also wanted fire to be able to spread to neighbouring houses. and pose a real risk if left unchecked.  That meant that we needed villagers to be able to out the flames (though with a risk of death), and a dedicated water-mage (fireman).

Code-wise, this has been a real p.i.t.a to implement , and has given us lag problems, balancing issues, and general headaches., but we are pleased to say that it is done and it works great... well, great if you love looking away for a moment and coming back to find your village in cinders. We may still have a little balancing to do !

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