Moody Villagers; Needy Villagers.

This week we've absolutely powered forward - with 10 new buildings and villagers, new heroes, new enemies, and increased window functionality; but our most interesting addition is definitely our villager moods and needs.

As you can tell by the name, "Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator" - we always planned on making this as much simulator as game, and this update definitely pushes us in that direction. Here a re few unordered points from the latest update: 

  • The needs of each villager are unique and mostly fall  within certain parameter. Sometimes a glutton (needs extra food) or an  atheist (needs no religion)  or a whole host of other personalities can  spawn, making a player reassess their building plan.
  • Needs affect a villagers mood: happy villagers will walk faster and spend more gold. Very sad villagers might go on strike, or commit crime.
  • Other factors can affect villagers mood, like moving into a new home,  recently dying, or becoming noble, industrial or modern.
  • Villagers show their wants through mood bubbles displayed on the map.

We have a few more mood related features to add, such as the ability to hold festivals to cheer villagers, and villagers leaving if they are unhappy, but as it stands it's still a pretty substantial addition!

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